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Lighten up the interior

Wall lightings are very important in any house and settings and there are many varieties available that suits ate style. Though they are mostly used in hall ways and bathrooms they can also add some decorative quotient in the other places of the house.

Wall lights do have some popular styles and one can pick and choose from them to make their house look better and brighter.


These lights have mainly ornate detailing in their styles and the popular elements that the traditional scones have are crystals and tiffany shades. They mainly reflect lights in their beautiful and unique ways. They do have a formal appearance and also give an upscale feeling to the decor style. One can fit them well if they have traditional interiors in the house.


These kinds of wall lights have a very stream lined and sleek look. They are mainly simple looking and the colour of them is mainly polished silver. These lights blend perfectly well with the contemporary and modern interior designs. But if one needs a minimal light fixture for their interiors, then this can be the best for them.


They are the perfect mixture of traditional, contemporary and modern designs and they always feature a very toned down version of wall lights. These are the lights that can be put up in any interior designs as it goes with them perfectly.


They have darker colours, some distressed finishes and even animal motifs on them. Rustic wall lights are best suited for the lodge interiors and they can be an additional touch to any interior decor.

When it comes to wall scones here are some popular varieties that one can think about.

Armed Wall Scones

If one wants to make the room feel larger then they can put up these scones in their living room or in the hall way. They have a muted glow and so one can put them up in the bathrooms as well. They do cast the lights downwards. They can be easily mounted in either direction as well.


These are a kind of wall scones which can be found in various styles like both modern and rustic. They can also have some shades covering the bulbs. These kinds of lights cast a very small amount of light and thus one should keep them in a cosy or an intimate space.

Swing Arm

They are the kind of wall scones with which the position of the lights can be adjusted easily. One can always swing he wall arm lights and they are best at bed sides for reading purposes.

Flush Mount

These are the ones which are directly mounted to the wall. They look like flush mount ceiling lights and they do not have any extending designs. They are best in providing some general illumination which is seen in bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways and foyers.

One can always buy some led wall lights online because they provide brighter lighting solutions and they are also very durable.

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